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Sending flower arrangements on Valentine’s Day to that special someone is one the best ways to show how much you love them. Valentines’ Day flowers have an ability to make a person feel special and happy. Be sure to find a beautiful floral arrangement irrespective of whether you have a lot or a little to spend. Send flowers with the best Grafton florist - in Lily's Florist.

A gift of Valentine’s Day flowers is a timeless one which everyone thinks almost every time. Most florists run special prices for red roses because they are the universal emblem for “I love you.”

If you are shopping for a floral gift for Valentine’s Day to show that special someone how you feel, there are a number of things you should put in mind to enable you make a great impression on your valentine. It is good to avoid feeling overwhelmed or pressured when it comes to deciding what type of flowers to choose. There are several great norms and guidelines associated with Valentine’s Day that will make matters easier for you. For instance, the red colour is usually everywhere on valentine’s day. This is because red symbolizes passionate love making red roses to be the most popular choice this season of the year. If your bouquet does not have red flowers, it is great to add red accents like a ribbon or a vase.
Valentines Roses their Meanings
Roses have served as typical floral gifts on Valentine’s Day. Before you purchase roses to send on Valentine’s Day, ensure that you understand well message it will convey to the receiver. Roses come in different colours each carrying its meaning. This guide will help you select roses that express the message that you want to pass to your loved one.
Red roses: These roses say “I love you.” They are the ultimate emblem of enduring passion and romantic love. Florists find it hard to keep up with the high demand of red roses when Valentine Day is approaching. This makes the prices for these roses more expensive in February.
Yellow Roses : yellow roses symbolize freedom and friendship-therefore do not send them to your loved one if your intensions are romantic. These roses are perfect for sending congratulations to new mothers, Texans, graduates, and newlyweds.

Pale Pink Roses: These roses represent gratitude, gentleness, and grace.

Light Pink Roses: The light pink roses connote fun and happiness.

Deep Pink Roses: These roses express a message of “thank you.” The deep pink roses are also associated with fight against breast cancer.

Lilac Roses: These roses means that you have fallen in love at first sight with the person you are sending flowers to.

White Roses: The white roses express innocence and truth. Other messages conveyed by these roses are “you are heavenly” and “I miss you.”

Peach Roses: Peach roses symbolize gratitude and appreciation.

Coral Roses: The floral meaning of the coral roses is desire.

Orange Roses: Orange roses conveys desire and on the sender’s part.

Dead Roses: The dead roses loudly and clearly say "It's over.”


combining two or more roses of different colours brings a new meaning:

Yellow Roses + White Roses: This symbolizes harmony.

Red Roses + Yellow Roses: This conveys a message of celebration and happiness.

White Roses + Red Roses: This combination of roses indicates harmony and bonding.

Single Red Rose: It says “I love you.”

Single Rose of any Color: This says “I thank you” (and I will go broke saying so).

Two Roses Entwined: This symbolizes an imminent engagement or marriage.

Purchasing Orchids for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day forms the world's most romantic day full of romantic promises to come. Flowers are the most widely known emblem of that romance, more particularly roses. However, not every woman likes roses. Orchids is one the best alternative floral gift for valentine’s day especially if your loved one is not a fan of roses or maybe you just want something a bit different for your valentine. Use these guidelines to help you choose the best orchids for your loved ones this Valentine’s Day.
Research the local orchid growers. This is a great idea to enable you compare the prices of domestically grown orchids. You may also find a nearby grower where you can get orchids directly, ensure freshness and save money.
Check with your local florist to find out when the orchids are available. The prices of domestic orchids should probably stay relatively constant since they are normally grown year round. Orchids should not be priced like other flowers which are usually more expensive during winter when they are out of season and have to be imported from other countries.

You may want to shop with online florists who normally have a relationship with the best orchid growers, offering high quality flowers at reasonably lower prices. Do not forget to include delivery prices or shipping costs when placing an order.
Contact local nurseries. Although these local nurseries are more likely to grow the local flowers seasonally, you may be surprised to get stunning orchids at a good price.

Choose beautiful arrangements and vibrant colours. Orchids are available I a wide range of beautiful colours and you should shop for an arrangement that have a great mixture of flowers that will brighten up the day of your valentine.

Tulips are Also a Symbol of Love

Although Valentine’s Day is mostly associated with roses, especially red roses, your loved one will definitely feel not left out when you send them a floral arrangement of tulips. Tulips are ranked second on the list of the most popular Valentine’s Day flowers and their floral meaning is perfect love. Many women like tulips more than roses.
Tulips originated in the Middle East even though they are normally thought of as Dutch flowers. Persians and Turks made it a common practice to wear these flowers to embellish their turbans, forcing the Europeans to start calling the flowers “tulips,” a Persian term meaning turban. These flowers became popular in Europe during the seventieth century.

The prices for tulips fall in almost the same range as rose, although slightly less expensive. Tulips can be grown in pots unlike roses, so sending live tulips for your valentine is a great idea since they last longer.

Cut or live tulips symbolize perfect love. The symbolic meaning of tulips is associated with a fairytale of the Turkish legend, Prince Farhad. He was in love with Shirin, a very beautiful young lady. When she was mudred, Farhad was so struck with grief that he committed suicide by charging the horse off a cliff. A scarlet tulip sprang up from each drop of Farhad’s blood. It is also believed that the velvety, dark centre of tulips symbolizes a heart of a lover, flushed by the passion’s heat.
Just like roses, each tulip colour has its own unique meaning as follows:

White Tulips: purity

Orange Tulips: desire and passion

Pink Tulips: affection

Cream: eternal love

Yellow Tulips: smiles and cheerful thoughts

Red Tulips: true love

Purple Tulips: royalty

Variegated Tulips: beautiful eyes

General Meaning of Valentine Flowers

Although red roses are a universal choice for Valentine’s Day, there are a wide range of flowers you can choose from to personalize your floral gift on this special romantic day.
Almost every flower conveys a specific message and when you combine numerous flowers Valentine’s Day bouquet, you can convey a very specific romantic sentiment. It recommended that you give your loved ones a distinctive floral arrangement made of blooms that are not more often associated with Valentine’s Day, instead of sending the typical red roses.

The following are flowers that pass specific romantic messages, although they are yet to conquer the reputation of roses as the traditional flowers for Valentine’s Day.
Gloxinias: Love at first sight

Globe Amaranth: Unfading love

Freesias: Trust

Lilac: Innocence

Pink Hyacinths: Playfulness.

Blue Hyacinths: Sincerity

Daffodils: Chivalry

Lily of the Valley: Completion

Gardenia: Joy

Geranium: Comfort

Hibiscus: Beauty

Irises: Compliments

Pansies: Loving thoughts

Poppies: Imagination and Pleasure
Conversely, not every flower meaning is bright and cheery. The following are some of the flowers you should avoid sending that special someone on Valentine’s Day.

Sweetpeas: Goodbye

Snapdragons: Deception

Daffodil: Misfortune

Marigolds: Selfishness and greed

Petunias: Anger

Lavender: Distrust

Striped Carnation: Rejection
Designing and creating customized bouquets of flowers for Valentine’s Day is an sensational experience, since the perfect floral arrangements can silently convey a lot about your relationship. You can celebrate a new love with a floral arrangement that could include gardenias, poppies, gloxinias, and lilacs, while a lifelong romance could be celebrated with globe amaranths, blue hyacinths and lilacs. Think about your loved one as well as what you want to convey with flowers before making a choice!

Facts about Valentine’s Day Flowers

Gift-giving for Valentine’s Day would not be the same without a bouquet of fresh flowers. Whether you are sending a beautiful single long stemmed red rose, a live flowering plant basket, or a fresh cut bouquet, there is plenty happening behind the scenes to make sure that the floral demand for consumers is met during Valentine Day celebration.
  1. Roses continue to be the most popular floral gift for Valentine’s Day, although in Denmark, dainty white snowdrop blooms are the typical Valentine’s flowers.
  2. Valentine’s Day, according to the American Society of Florists, tops the list of the holidays for the florists. This represents 40 percent of the dollar volume as well as a third of fresh flower sales.
  3. The symbolic meaning of love goes beyond roses. You can covey your personalized emotions, feeling and desires to your valentine with the typical meaning of flowers: send purple larkspur to your first love, or gardenias to your secret love.
  4. On average, the last minute shopper will spend approximately $100 to purchase Valentine’s flowers. This is according to the National Retail Federation report. However, almost one percent of customers shopping for Valentine’s Day flowers will wait until 15th February to purchase their flowers!
  5. Today, the Valentine’s Day roses are bred to achieve the most ideal form as well as vase longevity, usually at the expense of fragrance. Homegrown roses are great for Valentine because they produce some sweet scent; if you are going for the hybrid roses consider requesting your florist to include the fragrant freesias, oriental lilies, or scented stock in your bouquet of roses.
  6. South Africa is widely known to produce most of Valentine’s flowers.  However, California is the top producer of domestically grown cut flowers, which accounts for approximately three quarters of the total wholesale value sold.
  7. It is a great idea to combine a vibrant floral arrangement with chocolate to make a better Valentine’s Day gift. Do not go for those cheesy foil-covered chocolates for your valentine. Consider choosing a chocolate scented orchid for sweet fragrant and lasting blooms.
  8. Some cities tend to be more romantic than others because of their floral names. There are six cities named Roseville, five called Roseland and four named Rose Hill.
  9. It is fine to treat yourself in a more special way on Valentine’s Day. Research shows that almost 15% of women in America send themselves flowers on Valentine’s Day. However, the same studies indicate that men like to receive flowers on Valentine’s Day too. It is believed that about 36% of women in America buy flowers for their spouse on Valentine’s Day.
  10. If your spouse’s birthday is on 14th February, considering this romantic and birthday holiday by giving them a mixed flower bouquet that has violets, which are birth flowers for the month of February.
  11. When Valentine’s Day falls on a weekday, it results to a bigger payday for many florists. It is a fact that when it is weekday, the person sending flowers tend to send the best floral arrangement to the desk of the receiver, where flowers will be seen by more admiring eyes.
  12. The following are the most popular cut flower imports during Valentine’s Day season:
Rose bouquets
Mini dianthus
Pom-pon Chrysanthemum
Mixed bouquets
Gerbera daisies
If you are confused on what to choose for your valentine, contact an online or local florist to design the most perfect flower bouquets for you. They are normally experts when it comes to flowers and will provide amazing suggestions on not only flowers but also candies, chocolates and other valentine-themed gifts.

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